Trang chủ Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ EX Series

Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ EX Series

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Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ EX Series Eisen – Nhật

The EX series packages include pin gauges in different sizes, except the EP and ECP sizes, ranging from 0.201 to 9.999 mm in 0.001 mm steps. The series offers no standard package; special combinations are available on request.

Set Range(mm) Length(mm) Tolerance Roundness/Cylindricity HRC Hardness
0.201… 0.999 40 ±0.5μm 0.3μm 58 or more
1.001… 9.999 50

The nominal sizes are indicated on the plastic case for gauges up to 0.999 mm; the nominal sizes on the pin gauges, as well gauges in sizes 1.001 mm and larger, are laser-engraved.
※All gauges in the EX series are master pin gauges (0 class).

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