Trang chủ Máy khắc laser cầm tay mini

Máy khắc laser cầm tay mini

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1. Máy khắc laser cầm tay mini

Máy khắc laser: cầm tay mini

Máy khắc laser, máy khắc, máy marking.

Các thành phần của máy khắc laser:

1. Nguồn Laser                           3. Bảng mạch và phần mềm điều khiển trên máy tính

2. Ống kính                                 4. Hộp nút nhấn (control Box)

3. Hộp nguồn điện                      5. Đèn chỉ thị màu đỏ

6. Tay nâng hạ cao/thấp             7. Bàn 2D                           8. Chân công tắc Pedal

Laser marking is a process to mark materials using a fine spot diameter laser beam and is widely used for putting marks such as brand name, best-before-date, serial numbers, on a variety of materials.

• Laser marking
Irradiate a laser beam on a material to change and color it. Marking contents can be easily changed using a software. Clear fine marking even on tiny parts is possible.

Advantages of laser marking
• Environmentally friendly and easy recycling.
No solvent is required unlike the marking with ink. Since no ink adheres to base material, it is recycled easily. Laser marking generally requires no post-process finishing operations, so manufacturing process is also reduced remarkably.

• Marking not erasable
Lasers produce contrasting, high quality marks that never wear out unlike the ink-using method. This marking complies with quality control requirements in PL Laws and ISO International Standard.

• Fine marking
Lasers are capable of fine marking which inkjet marking can never perform. Laser marking is the best suitable choice for marking on microelectronic parts.

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