Trang chủ Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ ER-1

Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ ER-1

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1. Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ ER-1

Dưỡng kiểm đo lỗ ER Series Eisen – Nhật
Please refer to the EP for information on accuracy and other specifications.
Sizes are indicated on the plastic cases for gauges up to 0.995mm and are laser engraved on gauges 1.00mm and larger.
The class 0 pin gauges are provided with measurement data.
Details of series

Set No. Step(mm) Set
of pins
ER-1 0.1mm 0.20 0.30… 4.90 5.00 49
ER-2 0.1mm 5.00 5.10… 9.90 10.00 51
ER-3 0.1mm 10.00 10.10… 14.90 15.00 51
ER-4 0.1mm 15.00 15.10… 19.90 20.00 51

·         ※Individual gauges with diameters of φ0.2~φ10.005 can all be used as master pin gauges (class 0).
·         ※Individual gauges with diameters of φ10.01 or larger are standard pin gauges (class 1).

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